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This is You

By Eric Day

$20.00 USD

"This is You" is a template perfect for the content creator -- YOU.

If you're a --

  • Writer, designer, influencer, developer, artist, musician, podcaster, curator, producer, creator
  • Lover of Notion & Super ​
  • No-code or low-code fan

Then this sleek, minimal template is the perfect way to build your brand, curate your content, and showcase "You" to the world.

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  • One single content database to power all of your content
  • Instructions for every page
  • CSS code control
  • Integrate with Analytics
  • Pages: Home, About, Portfolio, Posts, Media Recs, Downloads (and more!)

How this product works:

  1. Duplicate our template into Notion
  2. Transform your Notion page into a website with Super
  3. Copy the "This is You" theme materials into Super
  4. Update your content

After purchase, you'll be able to download a PDF document that includes all the instructions you need to get started.

Please note: You will require an upgraded paid account on Super to use this product ($12 per site per month).

By purchasing "This is You" you agree to receive emails with information regarding future updates and any new template releases