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Thinking Like a CTO

By Umut Gökbayrak's Books

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Before I became a CTO, I was worried about the technical responsibilities of this job. However, the main difficulty was on the social aspect to the new role.

Umut Gökbayrak started his career as a successful software engineer, and that’s exactly how he felt when he became a CTO in a team of 100+ people. Because he needed to transform from an engineer to a senior manager who stands out with his social skills as well as his technical expertise.

Adding the best talents to the team, interacting with other departments within the company, working with the new generation, establishing a successful performance system and many more ... These are routines that every CTO comes across at some point in their lives and finds a formula in some way.

In this book, Umut Gökbayrak writes about his own way of becoming a reputable CTO, sharing the experiences he has gained over 10+ years being a CTO at startups and large enterprises. This book is compiled from the lessons learned from the mistakes of the writer, and the practices learned by living. This book is a candidate to be a source of reference in the daily life of a CTO or anyone who wants to become a manager.

Topics covered within the book:

  • The Role of a CTO
  • Seven Phenomenons of Courage
  • If You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Manage
  • A Self-Taught Software Developer vs. a Scholar
  • Should CTOs Write Code?
  • Treating Everyone Equally
  • Attracting the Best Talent
  • Should I Purchase or Do It In-House?
  • Convincing the New Generation to Work with You
  • The Authority and Responsibility Duo