Step Count Challenge

By Rinas (onerinas)

$12.00 USD

Step count challenge with people around the world.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi,

Rinas here, I'm working on a Step Count Challenge app where you can participate with people around the world.

If you were trying to walk more, and not able to start forming the habit, this challenge would help you tremendously.

Join now for early access. Will be available on both Android and iOS.

First 5 person to signup gets 50% OFF:

This is a one time payment and there won't be any monthly subscription fee. Hopefully this would help us cover the server costs and app store fees.

More about the challenge:

  • You can participate globally with anyone around the world
  • There would be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Leaderboards
  • You get to choose anonymous name / username as display name in the leaderboard if you prefer not to share actual name

Do reach out to me via Twitter (@onerinas), Telegram (@onerinas) or email ( if you got question about pricing, challenge or have anything else to discuss, or just chat :)

-- Rinas