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[NOVEL] St. Ezreal's School of Espers

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A 50,000 word original novel set in a science fiction/fantasy world with mages and ESPers, mind hacking, strong language and violence. Some sexually suggestive humor and zany situations.

Written in 2017 by Chris Grimmett


Marth came to a stop, feet sliding on the hard dusty ground. He took a moment to catch his breath.

"Ready to give up?" Tsubasa jested as she flicked some dust off her shoulder.

"As if." Marth snapped back. "Resonant Wave!"

Marth restarted his rapid fire attack, thinking to himself as he threw another orb.

"I can't speak the words fast enough to project as quickly as I want." Marth felt hindered. "If I had place cards, I might be able to achieve the firehoze effect that I'm looking for. I'm at a major disadvantage here, Tsubasa jumps to avoid my first orb, and my second is way off target. She's way ahead of me."

Marth thought to himself some more, watching the Resonant Wave fields make contact with the surrounding environment as Tsubasa jumped out of the way at the last second with a grunt. The orbs touched boulders, pebbles and dirt, disintigrating with a fizzle of steamy hot particulate.

"Resonant Wave!" the orb flew through the air, seemingly on-course above the plain brown rocky surfaces. With every other projection, Tsubasa jumped backwards to her left, landing safely and increasing the space between Marth.

"Wait a minute, every jump is the same." Marth had an idea.