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SMM Made Simple - All in one package by STARZGLOBE

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Introduction Weirdly, if you were to search for “social media marketing” on your favorite search engine, you will likely receive results from the same couple of websites, as well as an assortment of targeted ads. This is a prime example of social media marketing in action. Search ranking, recognition, and branding are essential elements of your future marketing strategy,
Throughout this book we will be referring to the concept of brand loyalty; it is an appropriate goal of many businesses, and with it will come sales and engagement. To reach brand loyalty: you must first have brand awareness and recognition: this is where social media marketing comes in.
Social media marketing involves consistently using appropriate strategies to engage your audience and raise awareness of your brand. Simply posting is not enough. Your posts need to be relevant and strategic.
This eBook will make social media marketing simple. The concept of social media marketing can seem challenging and convoluted. And, with a haphazard attempt towards it, social media marketing can be. You will need to have a clear strategy, that will help you reach your clearly defined goals. When it comes to the results of marketing, ignorance is not bliss. You would never implement a traditional marketing campaign without first clearly planning it and outlining several specific goals; so why would you do it online? One of the biggest mistakes people make in implementing social media marketing is not acknowledging the stark difference between regular marketing and online marketing. Many of the foundational principles are the same, yet new skills and elements exist and will be necessary to comprehend.