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By Jacqui James

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be spanked? Are you curious about being caned, or perhaps you dream about living in a Domestic Discipline relationship?

This is my honest - warts and all - account of living a DD lifestyle. I’m a Taken In Hand, and for almost 11 years, I’ve been subject to authentic Corporal Punishment from my Head of House. I’ve also worked with a number of Professional Disciplinarians, who’ve helped me to become, BETTER.

Narrowing 2020 down to six encounters has been challenging. This year has provided PLENTY of material: spankings, strappings, and canings!

These are my TOP SIX REAL LIFE SPANKINGS from this year, written up courtesy of the James Household Punishment Book. I've distilled 2020 into six spanky episodes, and have laid out my sincere thoughts, observations, and feelings on all things Corporal Punishment.

If you have half as much fun reading as I have had writing, then I shall be a most contented young lady.

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