Ruby Garbage Collection in Under Two Hours

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Welcome to Ruby Garbage Collection in Under Two Hours!

In this ebook, we'll learn all about how Ruby garbage collection works: from discussing Ruby's memory layout to distinct strategies its garbage collector uses. Many of us program in Ruby for years without ever actually deeply understanding how Ruby garbage collection is seamlessly managing memory behind the scenes.... until now! This ebook will pull back the veil on Ruby garbage collection, leading us to actually understand what's happening behind the scenes, and be able to reason deeply about how Ruby's memory is working.

We'll cover the Tri-Color Mark and Sweep algorithm, generational GC, incremental GC, compaction, and the future of Ruby garbage collection.

For a preview, please download a sample! The sample includes the introduction, table of contents, and parts of the first two sections of the ebook.

๐Ÿ“– What's included in this purchase?

  • A zip file containing PDF and EPUB versions of the ebook, complete with diagrams and code snippets
  • Every future version of the ebook at no additional cost

๐Ÿ‘‹ About me

I'm Jemma, a backend Ruby developer. I currently have the privilege of working directly on the Ruby programming language on Shopify's Ruby on Rails Infrastructure team.

I've written extensively about Ruby garbage collection in a blog post series, and also given a talk about it at RailsConf 2021. I write the Tip of the Week for Ruby Weekly, am a rotating co-host of The Ruby on Rails Podcast and a founder and organizer of WNB.rb, a women/non-binary Ruby group.

๐Ÿ’Œ Contact

Feel free to contact me with any questions at If the cost of this ebook is a barrier to your learning, please reach out via email.

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