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Print on Demand Empire Fortunes: Start a POD Business

By Online Creator Academy

$39.00 USD

Print on Demand is a great model for eCommerce since it requires no inventory in order to start. There are many other parts of the business to learn; design, platforms, pricing, marketing, and more! This course is a VIDEO course that will show you EVERYTHING I know. It's a brain dump of Print on Demand. I have been selling POD since 2016 starting off with Merch by Amazon. You can make thousands of dollars just like I have with this business model! I am not a graphic designer, so if you aren't.... Don't worry, I can show you how to get quality designs to market that will sell. _______________________________________________ I will show you the following: ✅ Basics of Print on Demand ✅ Why POD And Why Make It An Empire? ✅ Designing For POD ✅Designing With Web Based Tools ✅Designing With Software ✅Niches ✅Outsourcing Designs ✅Research & SEO ✅Keywords/SEO ✅Merch by Amazon ✅Merch by Amazon Flow ✅Don't Have Merch by Amazon? ✅Etsy Strategies ✅POD Production Partner Reviews ✅Automating Your Designs Everywhere ✅POD Marketplaces Overview ✅Redbubble ✅TeePublic ✅Spreadshirt ✅Free POD Online Website Shop? ✅POD Automation Setup ✅Low Content Books ✅WooCommerce or Shopify? ✅Social Media ✅Putting It Together Whether you are a beginner or a bit more advanced, you will benefit from all the strategies, tools, tips, and resources shared in this course.