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Money Twitter Mastery

By The Arsenal Armory

$20.00 USD

Have you ever wanted to start making money on Twitter but have no idea where to start, what to make, or how to do it? This course teaches you exactly how to make your first $20 on Twitter. It’s a repeatable system you can use every day. But it isn’t just 20 bucks you're making. It’s every 20 you’ll ever make online, entirely on Twitter. That means no website, no newsletter, no service, none of that. Think of it this way: You make your ebook or video course And you price it at $20 Then you start selling FIVE copies per day That’s $700 per week! You can QUIT your 9-5 with that kind of money. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Get your drinks, have a night on the town, pay your bills, travel the world, all thanks to online money. Don’t think you have what it takes? Beginner’s Misconception #1: “I need a lot of followers” No, you don’t. I made my first sale on Twitter in my sleep with less than 400 followers. But if you want followers, I teach you everything you need to know about growing your account. Beginner’s Misconception #2: “I have to be a good writer” There are authors out there and English is their second or third language. You don’t have to know all the grammar rules or be a perfect speller. So long as you can write three sentences in a row you can repeat that process and make a course people want to buy. Beginner’s Misconception #3: “I have to be an expert on the topic” This one couldn’t be further from the truth! You only need to know 5% more than someone else to sell them something. In fact, people only need to think you know more than they do. You do not need to be an expert on anything to make money online. Beginner’s Misconception #4: “Someone else already wrote it” So? How many brands of water are there? Nestle alone owns more than 46 different brands. People will buy your product because you wrote it and not someone else. It’s your words, your voice, and your information that makes a product worth buying. In fact, if you pick a topic someone else has already written about that means there’s a market for it and people will buy it. Beginner’s Misconception #5: “I can't write an ebook” Do you write your own Tweets? Can you make a PowerPoint? Can you put text on an image? One Tweet is about 50 words. If you write 10 Tweets per day, that’s 500 words. You only need 5-7 thousand words at minimum for an ebook. That’s literally only 150 Tweets. Who is this course for? If anyone has ever told you . . . “You could make money teaching this.” “People should be paying you for this.” “Why aren’t you paying for this?” Then you already have proof that you can make money online. Even if you don’t know what to make a course about, I give you 10 ideas from highly profitable niches that people want to buy. This course is for anyone who knows more about anything than someone else does. Are you better at swinging a golf club than someone else is? Can you make a better apple pie than someone else? Here’s where the money’s at: Did you solve a problem in your life that changed it forever? It can be a big problem, a small problem, or any other kind of problem. All that matters is you solved it and people are asking you how to do the same. Even if someone else taught you how to solve the problem you can still write an ebook about it! What did you need to know for this course to be effective? Can you put text on an image? Can you write a complete sentence? Can you talk about something for longer than 10 minutes? Do you know more about something than someone else does? It takes no talent, no skill, and no money to make a course or write an ebook 🤯 I am going to teach you how to make an easy $20 bucks with the same FREE resources I used to make this course and all the others I've ever created. That's right, free. Think about that for a moment. You are going to learn how to create and sell an info-product on a topic you already know and it's going to cost you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make. You're basically printing money. That's a 100% return on investment! Name one other business model with a 100% ROI 🤔 In this comprehensive video course I will teach you how to: ✅ Find a profitable niche ✅ Become an INSTANT authority ✅ Optimize your Twitter account for EASY money making ✅ Make cover art for your info-product ✅ Write a sales page that sells ✅ List your info-product on a user-friendly platform buyers trust ✅ Write Tweets that lead to sales (that's right, TWEETS) ✅ Write your own ebook in less than 2 weeks ✅ Create a video course the stupid easy way This course won't waste your time . . . it'll SAVE you time! Time is money, after all. That means: ❌ No beating around the bush ❌ No unnecessary steps ❌ Absolutely no bull 💩 advice ❌ No ad spend for promotion (100% organic traffic to your product) ❌ Don't need a high following on social media ❌ No fancy equipment required to make your product Includes: 20+ Videos and over 2 hours of information-packed, money-making goodness! This course is EVERYTHING you need and NOTHING you don't to start your online business. Click the "I WANT THIS" button to start making easy $20s for everything you know anything about.