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By Josh Millgate

$15.00 USD

This template is now available for free at

The Super template that killed Linktree! (not really) but this awesome template lets you host and manage your links right in Notion. How easy can it get.

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Available with 5 custom themes and many more will be added! You can even create your own with a little bit of CSS code.


  • Unlimited Links
  • Optimized for mobile
  • AWESOME hover effects for desktop
  • Add pages not only links!
  • Custom themes
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Social icons
  • Integrate with Analytics
  • Integrate with Buy me a coffee

How this product works:

  1. Duplicate our template into Notion
  2. Transform your Notion page into a website with Super
  3. Apply the LinkSushi theme

After purchase you will be able to download a PDF document that includes all the instructions you need to get started.

Please note: You will require an upgraded paid account on Super to use this product ($12 per site per month).

By purchasing LinkSushi you agree to receive emails with information regarding future updates and any new template releases.

Lifetime updates
Free themes!
Setup support