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GPT-3 Consulting call with Harish

By Harish's Store

$150.00 USD

What you will get

Up to 1 hour, one-time consulting call with Harish where you can discuss with him anything related to GPT-3.

What can be covered?

  • Help on GPT-3 prompt design for your use case.

  • GPT-3 Playground Walkthrough and Demo

  • Brainstorm ideas on building a GPT-3 Powered App

  • Anything else related to GPT-3

How will this help you?

  • This is an investment that you can do to kickstart your project for building for the GPT-3 Niche.

Who am I?

  • Built and launched a GPT-3 App(Officially approved by OpenAI)

  • Written a book on building GPT-3 Powered App

  • Published Open Source Boilerplate for building GPT-3 Powered Apps

  • Consulted on multiple GPT-3 related use cases and products