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Build and Sell Courses from Scratch.

By Dragon Room Rules

$19.99 USD


Yes, you reading this because you took a step and you are among the tribe we need. Join us here

Can you imagine sources of income and power to write a copy that converts?

Your first thought is right...

Most of your problems would go away, right?

Driving to your office to money made on autopilot. Your office, you are the boss, you get the feeling?

I have packed this with 3 courses which, together will build you a great empire in a 90-100 days.

Who said it's not possible?

This project will change your money game.

WHY DO YOU NEED CHECKMATE BUILDING AND SELLING? As you complete this package, trust me no matter where you are or your occupation, money will be flowing to take care of too much...

Now do you think you need this package?

Yes you do...

Maybe you are wondering why?

Because you need to make money online...Which is hard and easy at the same time. I want to change your online money game,

There is always something you can't find, everyone has a problem you can solve. There are chances, they don't even know they have the problem.

You are the solution to what you can't find. Imagine of the much school didn't teach you? It didn't teach someone else, you can teach better.

Your way of conveying your thoughts and skills to the world sets you apart, It gets people addicted to you, regardless of what it is,

Information can reach anyone from any corner of the world. We are in the internet age, 4.5 billion + internet users.

AND WHAT ARE YOU GETTING? ✅Here you get all the steps and tools you need to build your classes, teach skills and change minds.

✅More money making skills.

✅Profits after profits from your skills.

✅You learn to build lasting connections.

✅Ability to scale your empire in 100 days.

✅Ways to supplement your 9-5.


  1. Time.

  2. Burning desire to build.

  3. Niche.

4.Knowing your ultimate goal.

  1. Reading this course and re-reading making notes.

  2. Practicing the steps.

  3. Approximately 100 days of laser focus.

  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS(FAQs) 1. Are people willing to learn online? More than you think, not one or two but thousands. That means they are more than enough. 

  1. Will people complete my package?-  Let's face the truth, not everyone will complete but 80 people out of 100 will, good statistics, right?

3.How do I make people complete going through my course regardless of the length?

I have the remedy for this, you don't need to worry anymore, the strategy is in the box.

  4. What exactly do people want to know? People want to know anything, it just depends on what you know. 5. How do I deliver my course to a large audience? The secret to accomplishing this is given in this package, you have everything you require.

  6. How do I make this long term? As much as we love the short-term, long-term regular gains hits different. I will show you how to provide that.  7. Is all this profitable? You would never imagine wasting your time, right? I also don't want to waste your time giving useless information. Whatever you are going to establish is going to be profitable like nothing else has. 8. How long will I take to make a profitable course? 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months and infinity. It's not a matter of how long, it's a matter of establishing. 


People would approach me asking how they could read or write, I made an eBook on how to write. I kept adding to the eBook of any writing style that would help.

That's an online automated eBook business...

I have also been a freelance writer for five years now making $5,340-$6,450 per month from skill sharing, on autopilot,

Working with my best pyjamas, following my schedule and waking up to read sales, bank and investment emails hits different.

I helped and help people learn skills and earn themselves a living.

The lessons I learned include:

✔ There is always someone who would like to do what you do.

✔ There are hundreds of things people struggle with. There are ton and tons of people with problems. You just need to identify which and how to solve.

✔ You can teach better when you start and keep going.

✔ As time goes by, most lifeskills needs to be taught outside school.

  FOOD FOR THOUGHTS, School basically teaches you decision making, you can choose school or something else. 


Everything is hard before you start. As you go through the steps in this guide and experiment them to the letter, you get to see a side you didn't know. You will identify opportunities you never thought were available.

If you go through this package and there will be no change in your life within 90-100 days, you will have your money back.  SIDE-EFFECTS OF THIS COURSE.

✅Amplified strategic planning.

✅Niche identification.

✅Amplified and unquenchable urge to transform.

✅ Ease to understand.


This course is a long series that will be sent to you any time a new course is added.

This holds the key to 100 days to financial freedom,

What does this mean?...

I want to walk with you through business models that will generate you thousands of dollars online per month... you will complete a package you will never regret starting.

Affiliate profits between 55-75%.

Imagine a business, $0 initial capital except a simple investment of $19.99 only?👇