Audio Community OS

By Anna Grigoryan

$14.00 USD

Clubhouse is a go-to place for audio discussions. However, it's not the only place where you can get the audio-first community experience.

During the last months I was exploring what are the under the hood processes, and popular tech stacks for audio communities. This handbook is created to help you create a feel of Clubhouse inside your community.

What is "Audio community handbook"

This handbook was created to create an evergreen resource for community managers curious about audio. What you will have as a result:

  • Up to date resource for audio community managers.
  • Unified place to find information about community management tools, processes and best practices.
  • Collection of templates and guides to make the community management process easier.

Who's the handbook for?

You will benefit from the Handbook if:

  • You want to create an audio-first community, but aren't sure how to start.
  • You're seeking to learn about how audio-first communities work.
  • You're currently running a community and want to add audio components to it.

What's inside:

  • Overview and map of the tools you can use to start an audio-first community
  • Guide on how to select the right community platform
  • Tools that can help you to set up audio experience on slack
  • Guide on how to set up calls and talks schedule (+ template)
  • Guide on how to set up knowledge hub for audio only community (+ template).

Refund policy

If this Handbook hasn't provided you with the value you can contact me via email ( I'll give you a refund within 5 days.