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Aesthetic Revolution

By AssiduousFitness

$17.99 USD

Aesthetic Revolution is designed to pack on serious AESTHETIC muscle No more: • Flat chest • Weak shoulders • Tiny arms • Small ass 3 days per week + some serious EFFORT is all I ask from you This RPE based program provides 12 weeks that is split up into 3 phases of MASTERFULLY planned training Phase 1: Build Your Foundational Strength Phase 2: Building the Upper Chest, Back, and Shoulders Specifically Phase 3: Bringing It All Together You’ll get: • 12 weeks of workouts • RPE breakdown • A quick note on nutritional needs By the end of these 12 weeks you’ll look back and wonder “WHY didn’t I get started sooner” Don’t put yourself in that position Take INITIATIVE in your own life and start TODAY #AlwaysPursue