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30 Days | GoTsu Juna Fanzine + A5 Digital Prints

By Sho-saka's Shop of Prints + Zines

$10.00 USD

※A5版 Digital Download | デジタルダウンロード PDF 44Pages (excluding front+back covers and insert pages) ※Full Colour | フルカラー – 300dpi and watermark-free ※NLCP - Mostly Juna/jnyn | 仁ゆなが大体にあります ※Minor nudity in one of the illustrations but mostly SFW | 少しヌード ※BONUS SET: A5 digital art prints - Print-ready A collection of #jnyn30day|#仁ゆな30日fanart works published on social media during October featuring my video game OTP of 2020, based on one of the 30 day OTP prompts I found on the web. These fan illustrations presented in the fanzine are a mixture of web-published scaled up in a higher resolution and a few new ones exclusive to the fanzine itself.