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Marketing 4 Makers Membership

By Xvrc

$12.00 USD / month

Marketing and selling are super hard. As IndieHackers/makers that's always the most difficult part, so let's do this together!

As a member of M4M, you'll get help on how to grow and distribute your product. I want to create a collaboration group specifically for makers!

Price: $12/m for the first 20 people (We're 11 members already!). $20 after that!

How it works:

  • Once you joined M4M, introduce yourself, what you're working on and what you struggling with.
  • I'll dive into each product and see how we can boost your growth. You'll get the help of others members as well!
  • You'll have access to private forums where we'll go deeper into specific topics (Twitter, ProductHunt launches, Reddit, Knowledge base, etc…).
  • The community will help to stay motivated and accountable every week!
  • You help out, share what's working, and helps the other members grow.


Why is it not free?

I decided to create a paid community mainly because I want to be sure that all members are truly motivated! I've seen too many big communities that are now ghost towns. I don't want that!

Can I cancel my subscription easily?

Yes, if you don't find the community useful anymore you can cancel your subscription anytime.

I want to see the community before subscribing

Yes, sure! There are some public sections, you can browse it here → Try M4M

Why Circle over Slack or Discord?

I wanted to try something less volatile than a real-time chat. I want us to really build a knowledge base that will help newcomers. I'm considering adding a chat to the community (probably with Telegram). I'll wait for the feedback of the early members tho!

Parity Pricing

Because we don't live in Western countries I activated Parity Pricing. Price is adjusted by country-level purchasing power ranging from 70% discount to 0% discount