Flurly vs Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers. Flurly is a Shopify alternative that attempts to do the same thing in a more affordable way.

In particular, Shopify charges between $29 to $299 / month to sell digital products online (https://www.shopify.com/pricing). Whereas Flurly charges $0 a month.

Additionally, Shopify takes up to 2% of each transaction excluding payment processing fees. Flurly only takes 1%.

Novel Features

In addition to the pricing advantage. Flurly also has a variety of novel features that Shopify doesn't have.

1) Flurly supports splitting revenues with partners through Collabs.

2) Flurly supports Purchase Power Parity dynamic pricing.

3) Flurly supports Free Product Samples.

Flurly by @TheBuilderJR

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