Launching Flurly Pre-Orders

What are Flurly Pre-Orders?

Flurly Pre-Orders are a way for sellers to pre sell their products before they actually ship it. It's a great way to build motivation to ship your final product.

How do I participate in Flurly Pre-Orders?

First, if you haven't created an account yet, create one here:

Next, click on "create product" in your dashboard:

Image of Product Home

Next, put in a name for your pre order and click on the "Pre-Order" radio button in the create product form:

Image of Pre Orders

Next, fill in the "Thank You Note" input with a thank you note. This note will be sent to all customers who purchase your pre-orders, so make sure to write something nice.

Image of Thank You Note

Fill out the rest of the Pre-Order creation form and press "Create Product"

Now you'll be dropped in your product home. When you're ready to launch your product. Go to the Edit Product section and change the product type from "Pre-Order" to one of the other ones.

Image of Edit Product Section

Once your proudct is updated, you're ready to launch. Scroll up to the "Pre-Order Settings" section and press "Launch Product".

Image of Edit Product Section

And that's it! All of your pre order customers will then receive an email with a link to your final product!


Do pre-orders charge a customer's card?

Yes. However, they are not paid out. The pay out only happens after the product is launched.