Launching Flurly Memberships

What is Flurly Memberships?

Flurly memberships enable creators to give their fans access to exclusive content in exchange for a monthly membership fee.

Note this only works for Flurly users who have a US based Stripe account.

How do I participate in Flurly Memberships?

First, if you haven't created an account yet, create one here:

Next, click on "create product" in your dashboard:

Image of Product Home

Next, put in a name for your membership and click on the "Memberships" radio button in the create product form:

Image of Memberships

Next, fill in the "Welcome URL" input with the URL of a website that will welcome all new users. We recommend either a notion page, a discord group, or a custom website.

Image of Welcome URL

Fill out the rest of the membership creation form and press "Create Product"

Now you'll be dropped in your product home. Here you can configure coupons, change your membership settings, etc.

Image of Product Home

On the top right you'll see a link to your membership purchase page. Click on that and you should see something like this:

Image of Membership Page

Share this link with your followers/fans to get them to join your membership.

Once someone joins your membership, you'll be able to see all activities (when someone joins/leaves the membership) and sales on your memberships dashboard:

Image of Membership Dashboard

All members will will be charged a monthly membership fee billed monthly that will automatically get deposited in your Stripe account.

That's it! Give Flurly memberships a try today!

Can I automatically add new members to my slack group / email list / etc?

Yes! There is Zapier integration for memberships. Give a read to figure out how to get started! Regarding how to actually configure a Membership Zap, we recommend the following setup. A trigger based on "Membership Activity" and a filter to only trigger actions based on certain activities.

Image of Membership Zap

What's the pricing of Flurly memberships?

Same as all other flurly pricing - 1% per transaction goes to flurly, payment processing fees go to Stripe, the rest goes to you. No monthly fees either!

What if I change the price, are old subscribers affected?

Old customers are grandfathered in and will keep their original purchase price.

Why can't non US stripe account use this feature?

This is due to Stripe's limitation on transfers between Stripe accounts.