Launching Flurly Collabs

What is Flurly Collabs?

Flurly collabs allows you to split revenue with your product collaborators. For instance, if you sell an e-book, you could specify 30% of each sale goes to the designer, 70% goes to the author. Flurly takes care of all the payout routing.

Note this only works for Flurly users who have a US based Stripe account.

How do I participate in Flurly Collabs?

First, if you haven't created an account yet, create one here:

Next, create a product if you don't have one yet:

Image of Product Create

Once you've created a product, you'll be plopped here, your product home:

Image of Product Home

Scroll down until you see the "Product Collabs" section:

Image of Product Collabs

From here invite all of your collaborators using the Invite Collab Form.

After everyone has received the email and created an account. Fill out the revenue split form. One row per collaborator, specifying the email and revenue share percentage for each collaborator.

Press "Update Collabs", and you're all done setting up collabs.

From here, all of your collaborators will be able to see and modify your product from their collabs dashboard:

Image of Product Collabs Dashboard

They will also be able to see all of the product sales and their respective percentage on every sale. You'll also go to this dashboard to see sales for all of your collab products (collab sales won't show up in the default sales dashboard).

Image of Product Collabs Dashboard

That's it! Payouts will automatically be split by the agreed upon percentage. Give Flurly Collabs a try today!

As a collaborator can I see product analytics?

Yes, you can see all product analytics the product owner can see. In fact you can modify the product the same way the product owner has. Just go to your collaborator dashboard, click on the product you're interested in, and you'll get the exact same mission control that the product owner has.

Why can't non US stripe account use this feature?

This is due to Stripe's limitation on transfers between Stripe accounts.

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