Flurly Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program anyways?

When you buy a Coke from Walmart for $1. A portion of that $1 goes to Walmart, and the rest goes to Coke. An affiliate program is very similar. As an affiliate, you sell someone else's product and in return you get a percentage of the sale.

Note this only works for Flurly users who have a US based Stripe account.

How do I participate in Flurly's affiliate program?

First, if you haven't created an account yet, create one here: https://flurly.com/register

Next, make a store in your settings page.

Image of Settings Page

You're ready to make a sale. If you want to find products to affiliate you can go to the products search page https://flurly.com/search

Once you find a product, you'll find a button at the top right of the page to copy your unique affiliate link. If you don't find the copy link, the product owner has turned off affiliate marketing for that particular product.

Image of Affiliates Copy Button

Copy the link and start marketing! When you want to check up on how many sales you've generated you can go here https://flurly.com/dashboard/affiliates

Image of Affiliates Dashboard

What should I put as my store name/description/cover photo?

You can put anything. It doesn't really matter. People who click on your affiliate links won't see your store. The most important thing is setting a url you think looks nice and people will be interested in.

How much do I give/get for an affiliate sale?

As the product owner, you give out 20% of the sale to the affiliate who generated the sale, you keep the other 80% of the sale.

How as a product owner do I invite an affiliate?

In your product dashboard, you should see an affilates section. Put the email address of the affiliate into the box and press "Invite Affiliate"

Image of Invite Affiliate

They would then sign up for flurly and create a "store"

and then they can sell your product by using the link flurly.com/s/[their_store_name]/[your_product_url]

As a creator, what if I want to opt out?

If you are creator, by default all products have an affiliate program enabled. If you want to opt out, simply uncheck the box on your product home.

The copy affiliate link doesn't show up for me.

You can always generate your affiliate link yourself. It's simply flurly.com/s/[your_store_name]/[product_name]. So if I wanted to sell a product "tole" flurly.com/p/tole from my store flurly.com/s/flurly. The affiliate link would be flurly.com/s/flurly/tole. If that link doesn't work, it means the author has turned off affiliates for their product.

Why can't non US stripe account use this feature?

This is due to Stripe's limitation on transfers between Stripe accounts.

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