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Flurly allowed me to sell my first ebook and keep more money than any other service. It's a great selling platform too, thanks to a fantastic UI and a stellar customer service
Matthieu Cneude, The Mouseless Dev
I started using Flurly because they were so much more focused on their users than the service I had been using. They created several features, which have saved me a lot of time, as soon as I requested them. If they keep this up, they'll be the better service for every online creator in no time.
What drew me to Flurly was their pricing model: you keep 99%. This is the first platform I've found that puts creators first. It has all the features you want right out of the box including purchase power parity, coupons, affiliate links and analytics. Flurly only succeeds if you as a creator succeed. It's the only platform that's actually built for creators.
Joe Previte, Vim for VSCode
Features for all sellers
Keep Your Sales
No monthly fee. Lowest cut in the entire industry - 1% take rate. You keep 99% of what you make after payment processing fees.
Flurly collabs allows you to split revenue with your product collaborators e.g. for every sale, 30% of goes to the designer, 70% goes to the author.
Flurly memberships enable creators to give their fans access to exclusive content in exchange for a monthly membership fee.
Global Edge Network
Give customers blazingly fast checkout and download experiences using our edge network running in dozens of locations across the world.
Flexible Payout
Get paid directly to your bank or PayPal account 7-10 days after every sale. No minimum payout balance or additional transfer fees.
Mobile Optimized
Rest easy knowing your storefront looks great on mobile, loads blazingly fast and supports Google & Apple Pay out of the box.
Automated Workflows
With built in Zapier integration, you can quickly build zaps to update a Google Sheet with every sale or export your entire customer list to MailChimp.
Affiliate Program
We have a built in affiliate program, allowing affiliates and creators to align their economic interests and make more money.
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